Friday, November 21, 2008

Girls are impossible to understand

Ok...I've been truly bored for the past few days. Haha...I know some people would kill to be in my position right now, but too bad, you guys still wouldn't have holidays like me even if you had killed me. :P anyway, as I was saying, I am bored. And in my boredom, I have been bugging some of my old friends for outings and been talking on the phone almost non-stop. And in one of those nonsensical phone calls, a friend tells me his opinion about "paying". My first reaction to his opinion was "Which century are you from?" and I was a tad offended by his male-chauvinism. But then, after the phone call, it made me think again. I mean, many girls would be charmed by the idea that a guy would be so chivalrous.

So what do you think of this modern girl dilemma: If a guy insists on paying for everything, do you think that he is being chauvinistic or chivalrous? My first thought would be that the guy is being chauvinistic. On the other hand, if a guy lets me pay for my own on a date anyway, he is being a cheapskate. I mean, friendly date, never mind la: you pay one time, I pay one time OR go on Dutch. Fair ma...But this should not happen on a date date.

Sigh...I can't understand girls. Hahaha...I mean, I don't know what I am thinking about most of the time anyway! But I am very sure of my position that the boyfriend should not pay for all of the girl's expenses. I mean, come on you guys, some girls are truly out on the hunt for bill-payers. Don't be so dumb, ok? When you are paying the girl's rent, phone bill, shopping and what-nots, you are definitely not being chivalrous. That is being STUPID. I mean, the occasional presents and shopping bill is ok, but if you two are at the cashier and she is waiting for you to fork out the money, something is wrong, man!

I used to have girl friends who do that. Flirt with guys and make them buy expensive cosmetics and perfume for them. The girls who do that, I don't respect. But to imagine that there are guys stupid enough to buy them those expensive gifts, I am speechless. And I remember scolding one of my secondary school friend who used to go shopping with a girl he was after so that he could pay for her with his few months' allowance. CRAZY males!

Any comments girls and guys on this issue? Please, do leave your comments. Am so freaking bored!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Happy Birthday WILLIAM!!! Wishing you many happy returns of the day! Looking forward to the karaoke session! Haha...luv ya lots, kiddo!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lost without school...

Well, humans are never contented, are they? I mean, a week ago, I was so looking forward to the school holidays (truth is, I don't have any respect for teachers like me! ). Now that the school holidays are here, I am bored half to death eventhough I have only been at home for erm..3 days. much as I hate to admit it, I miss those little monkeys who would run around in class screaming "Lao shi! Lao shi!" even though I've already told them a million times to call me either "Cikgu" or "Teacher". Thinking about those kids make me feel sad. They have only just begun to warm up to me, and I may not see them again after this year. Why? There is this little problem of the school population shrinking and that they do not need as many teachers as this year. The possibility of me being the extra teacher is high as I am the last to be sent in. Hmmm...crossing my fingers that everything will be all right.

Many people seem to have the misconception that teaching is an easy job. I suppose compared to many other jobs, teaching has the least official hours. But I doubt many other jobs require as much patience, dedication and love. I mean, do you think it's easy to face 40 kids everyday? Try babysitting 3 of your nephews/nieces on your own and then comment on how easy a teacher's job is! Well, ok...actually taking care of your own relative's kids is much harder because you are not supposed to scold or correct the brats' behaviour unless you want a cold war with your relative. But the point is, it is not easy to take care of kids.
Haha..I suppose not many people are enlightened to the fact that there is no "easy" job in the whole world. You would think that the lower paying jobs are easier, but would you be willing to put your hand in other people's trash even if you were paid thousands? Would you be willing to spend hours under the hot sun cleaning the roads and still be unappreciated? Would you be willing to be on standby 24 hours with no off days except maybe on Mother's Day? ranting. AM SO BORED!! SAVE ME! Any idea of what I can do during the holidays? I was planning to go volunteer in SPCA. Any one wants to go with me? Please, all you MPIK-ians and Segarians out there, update your blo*dy blogs!! Hahahaha...I think I'm crazy. Better go jump around like a monkey now. Adios amigos!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I hearby promise...

Dear Ashley, thanks for staying loyal to my blog. Haha...
Well, life has been different for me. I've been through quite a lot of new feelings and experiences in the three months that I have been posted. It's ironic how I used to laugh at Melwin because she said that her mother was going to live with her wherever she was posted to until she got used to herself and end up having my mother stay with me for 3 whole months. Hahaha...not that I am complaining (the place which I got posted to is seriously a dead-end) but I used to be so proud of my independence and wished that I could stay away from my family a bit. :)

In the end, having my mom with me for the three whole months made me think of how much my family really do love me. For fear of my safety, my mother who is approaching 60 decided to leave my dad to fend for himself and come live with me. The truth is, if anything had happened in those 3 months, my mom wouldn't be of much help. But the idea of her wanting to protect me from harm, is just priceless.

I seriously regret having to hurt their feelings just so that I could feel a bit happier. I've learnt my lesson. Rebellion will not last. At the end of the day, it is your family whom you will fall back to. However much you disagree with their points of view, you would have to admit that they see things clearer.

Thank you all who have made me see my ways. I promise that I will try not to hurt my parents' feelings after this. Ashley, you gotta remind me, ok? Haha...take care y'all.