Thursday, April 26, 2007

Different chromosomes, different species?

Yay! Brian fixed my keyboard for me!! No more cryptic messages! Hehe...for a while, I was using one of his old keyboards whose space bar was very difficult to press. IwasthinkingoftypinganotherpostusingthekeyboardbutIthinkit'dbedifficulttoreadawholepost
withoutspacebar; so, I thought I'd spare you from it. Hehe...

Apparently my keyboard button thingy wasn't touching the sensing thingy properly, so Brian tightened the thingies for me, and voila! a perfectly fine keyboard. Hehehe...One of those things that I don't understand about computer/ guy language. Whatever it was, my keyboard is working now, so I don't have to understand anything anyway!

Speaking of the things that I don't understand about guys, here are some things I've observed in the men around me which don't make sense to me:

1. DoTA / Computer games
- I suppose this only applies to the men of the younger generation. 8 out of 10 guys below the age of 30 that I know are addicted to DoTA, Counter Strike, Need for Speed, Command and Conquer etc. I mean, I know that computer games are addictive. I know of girls (and sometimes myself) who play computer games a lot too. But I noticed that girls know how to control their urges to play computer games. Guys, on the other hand... I know some guys who would rather play games late into the night then get a good night's rest (when they have work or class the next morning!). And to quote a guy friend of mine "If I don't play DoTA, I cannot sleep!". Hmmm....

2. Speeding
- Ok la, so I understand that in Malaysia it is difficult to survive on the road if you are courteous. But why is there a need to "fly" on the road and "cucuk" (follow closely) people? And you know what is the worst part? Guys would drive 140 km/hour and it would be a normal speed; and then they would yell at their girl friend/wife/daughter/sister for driving too fast when she drives at 90 km/hour!

3. Shopping (or their lack of interest in)
- Brian is a rare gem for being a straight guy who wouldn't mind going shopping with his girlfriend. Ok, so he complains a bit when I see the magic S word, or when I have dragged him around the whole shopping mall for more than 3 hours. But at least, he goes shopping with me and lets me buy things to my heart's (or pocket's) content! Hehe... my sister complained that she doesn't like shopping with my brother-in-law because he'd complain non-stop about almost everything. And my father and brother almost never went shopping with their wives. Buying grocery yes; but not buying clothes or just to window shop. Why hah? Shopping is so pleasurable! No need to buy la, sometimes just window shopping and imagining that you owned some of those stuff is fun! And, not to mention, you can burn calories without even breaking a sweat! Hehe...

*Oh, for those of you who are interested, there is a warehouse sale (Guardian, Times Bookstore and some clothes - Abercrombie and Fitch, Camel etc) in Jalan Bersatu, Section 13/4 from today to 2nd of May. There are banners all along the road. It is near UTAR. Some of the Guardian stuff is cheap. Books are also at least RM7 off (for more popular titles like Da Vinci Code etc). Clothes, I don't know. May be ciplak stuff, but affordable la.

There are more things that I don't understand about men but I need to hit the books already. Exams in 2 days' time and haven't even finished reading half!! Wish me luck!!

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Ok...tke 1 gue wht key oen't work on my keybor? I unno why it lwy i like thi, it lo hppen to the eybor t home. mybe it' becue we re too rough on it? hh...

nwer revel lter when it work gin

Ok...nobody seemed to want to guess (or maybe you guys can read what I wrote anyway?). Sigh anyway, the answer is revealed below. Highlight the following and you will see what is written above. Hehe...let you guys have a bit of a suspense ma. :P

The keys that do not work are: a, s, d, and f

What was written:
Ok...take 1 guess what key(s) doesn't (grammartical error, sorry) work on my keyboard? I dunno why it always is like this, it also happens to the keyboards at home. Maybe it's because we are too rough on it? haha...

answer (will be) reveal(ed) later when it works again.

Hehe...have a great day!!

Monday, April 16, 2007


Hehe...dear concerned readers, sorry for the outburst in the previous post. Hormonal changes and lack of sleep (for I burnt the midnight oil to complete my assignment) had made my horns and tail grow (AGAIN). Haha...reading back the posy made me laugh (while it scared Adrian! Sorry again, man!). See, I became angry because I asked some double-edged question and Brian didn't know how to reply my question so that none of us would be hurt! Hahaha...I lubbdjuu Grandpa! Sorry for asking you difficult-to-answer questions! :P

So anyway, hormone is back to normal again but stress is building up again with all the terms in the TITAS book (O_o"). Haven't even touched the other two subjects that I have to sit for this week! STRESSSSSSSS!!!

*SIGH* feel so much better now! Better hit the books or Grandpa will win the bet and I will have to wear a yellow polka dot shirt to class!! *shudders* GOOD LUCK EVLIBODY!!!

Friday, April 13, 2007


Damn I'm angry today! Yeah, I was in a great mood in the morning (for a while) but it deteriorated as the hours ticked by. What ticked me off? Well, I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. Don't you just hate those three words. Ya, I understand how you feel now when I always reply with those three stupid words. I suppose I say a lot of stupid words!

ARGGGHHHHHH!! I can feel my heart pumping boiling blood everywhere! Just feel like taking a dive out of my window right now!


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Sekolahku Rumahku - BS?!

I had a class last Friday and the lecturer mentioned something about the caretakers in school. Administrators, teachers, gardeners, the makcik kantin, the pak guard - these people all play the role of caretakers in the school. And then, all of a sudden, our lecturer stopped and asked, "Hmm...but how much can you trust the caretakers in school?" Good question.

So many things that you would not expect to happen in school happened in school. Students bashing up students to death, teacher fracturing a kid's skull with her high heels, teachers fighting in school. How do you entrust your kids to the school when these things are happening and not much is done to prevent them from happening again?

I mean, students bashing up each other is not something new. When I was in my very notorious secondary school, I often heard of gang fights (which involved the Bangladeshi helper in the canteen, lots of students, outsiders, parangs and much later, the police). What can be done to prevent it? Well, our headmistress got one of the inspectors to come and be a regular guest in our school. But his own son then became a victim of a hit and run, suspected of being caused by a revenge-seeker.

And when you talk about teachers being the caretaker...well, that is another BIG question. Not that I am saying that ALL teachers are lousy, in fact I think most of my coursemates will make great teachers. But great teachers are like a few drops of water in an ocean of sea. Many of us would have encountered lousy teachers, and some even teachers who molest, torture or have a nut loose somewhere in their brains. How many of us can truly say that in our 11 years of compulsory schooling, that we have met 5 great teachers?

I was lucky that I went to a school where the makcik kantin, the gardener and the pak guard were sane and nice people. What can you say about these people these days? When security companies do not investigate the background of their employees and (I do not think) the ministry do not check the cleanliness of food preparation or the environment or the people in the food-making process, anything could happen.

My lecturer related this case of another lecturer who went to pick up her child from school in the evening and noticed a girl was waiting near the guard house alone. I think my lecturer must have sat in the car for a long time because when she finally decided to take her child home, it was already 7+ p.m. And she was so worried about the lone girl that she turned back to the school to see if she was still there.

I suppose most people wil let their guards down when they are in a school or education institution. Would you still hold your handbag in front of you when you are in a school area or in the university? Would you still be so wary of the environment when you are getting into your car in a school compound or in the university? I think many of you would most probably say "No".

Ironically, after that lecture, I was still thinking about the safety of children in school when I was disturbed by some renovation workers in the University. In my faculty. The route which I have taken thousands of time, in broad daylight, in front of the main road, and these barbarians have the nerve to disturb me. I mean, cat-calling is common when these barbarians are around, I suppose. But to the point when this idiot walked towards me so closely?? I ran.

I don't know what his intention was and I thank God that I would never find out, but this is over the limit. I dare say that I am rather alert whenever I am alone. But I had put my guards down when I thought I was in a safe area, i.e. University. This incident had resulted in naggings from various people. And it just made me think: are we not safe anywhere anymore?

Think about it. Can we continue allowing these barbarians to rule the world? I believe that in 10 people, only 1 is bad, 3 are good and the others are indifferent. If you are an indifferent person, I ask you: can you continue being that? Can you continue letting the very foundation of our social structure, crumble? Raise good kids and don't have any if you don't think you are able to - that's my stand. Don't make the world a worse place than it already is. Think about it.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Not housewife material

Would you take up a job offered by one of your loved ones if the job offers you a bed, meals, 10% of whatever earnings of the boss, lots of care but no opportunity of a promotion, no bonuses and no pay raise? Seriously, would you consider it?

Ever wonder how big a sacrifice your mother must have made to stay at home and be a slave to you and your siblings when she could have earned more money, and do so much if she had chosen to work? Well, I suppose I am one of the lucky ones to have a housewife as a mother. Believe me, I did not feel much pride in telling my friends or filling in forms that says my mother is a housewife. I used to be ashamed of the fact that my mother was not some doctor or earning millions. I knew that my mother quit her job and became a full-time mother after many years of working, but I still looked down on her for being a housewife. How naive I was!

You can say that I took my mother (sometimes I still do) for granted. I did not appreciate the fact that she took care to clean the house daily (and our house is the old-fashioned type, so it's quite big), to wash our laundry, to buy grocery, to cook good food for us and do other superwoman stuff just to make our lives easier. I mean, do you stop to think and appreciate the fact that you have a clean house to return to everyday? The house did not become clean on its own, you know?

I took over some of the work that my mother had done for the past 20+ years for 2 days last weekend and those two days have convinced me that i would not want to be a housewife EVER, if I can help it! Cleaning the house, washing the laundry, and buying grocery is not a problem. The problem is that all the hard work that you've done is unappreciated. AND when there is this lacking of appreciation, most people wouldn't think twice to dirty up the place again less than an hour after you've gone down on all fours to clean the darn floor!! Shheeeshhh... And I can't imagine how my mother had taken all that frustration in, besides having a supervisor to comment on which spot she had left out, and which spot should be cleaned again.

The Supervisor!

I mean, if it were me, I would have volunteered myself to be admitted into Hospital Bahagia Tanjung Rambutan in one year's time! It's hard work, it doesn't pay much, it doesn't gain recognition and any form of appreciation, most of the time it only makes you frustrated...and that's only the housework. I have not included the pieces of char siew that you would have given birth to and raised. Man, I had given a pretty bad time to my mother during those times. Haha...

Well, the moral of the story are:
1. Don't quit your job to be a housewife, EVER.
2. If you still want to be a housewife, have only 1 kid or none!
3. Appreciate your housewife mother / wife.
4. Clean up after yourself la... cleaning up after 2 or more people is hard work, you know?
5. When you have started earning money, give some to your mother la.

Happy Mother's Day, Ma!! I Love You!! Thank God, you are back home now!! :P
(Yeap, it's not Mother's Day, but can't we treat every day as a Mother's Day and appreciate her anyhow?)

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Celebrating at Chili's


I just came back from having a pig-out with Brian at one of our favourite eating places. Well, today calls for a celebration as I only have one more assignment to complete and hand in. The days of toiling to complete assignments after assignments, and to prepare for presentations after presentations are almost over! No more moody days! No more late nights! And joy of all joys, no more being a panda-lookalike!!

So anyway, yeah, this post is about food again. Sigh, what to do? Look at our sizes and you would know that food is our pet subject. ;) My motto since young is to live to eat. I mean, munching on food is somehow very therapeutic to me. I feel calmer and can think better when I am chewing. Even though we are no food critiques (we wallop everything that is edible), we enjoy going around looking for good food.

One of the places which serves good food and are REALLY filling is Chili's. I used to be a glutton and was unwilling to share the food that I ordered for fear that I would not be full. One try of sharing our favourite dish was enough to make me realize that it was silly of me to think that I would not be full in Chili's. I mean, the servings are HUGE (and some are bottomless, which means that you can ask for refills).

So, Brian and I always go for the bottomless fountain of drinks. Sometimes, as "appetizers", we'd order the bottomless beef queso. This queso thingy is really yummy. You can dip the nachos in either the beef queso or the salsa sauce. Mm-hmmm...and the best part is that the nachos and salsa sauce are refillable! For the main course, Brian and I like to order the Mushroom Jack Fajitas which was recommended to us by my favourite lecturer. You would have to ask for a refill of the Fajitas at least once to finish piling on the grilled chicken, cheese and what nots on them. Brian and I tried spreading a layer of the beef queso and a layer of nachos before piling on the usual cheese, tomato, grated cheese, grilled chicken, capsicum and onions today. And the taste? It was heavenly. Mm-hmmm...makes my mouth water again just thinking about it (although I am still stuffed now). =P

Hehehe...enough of describing it, drool over the photograph of the food! =P Bon Appetit!